In March I was in Peru working in a primate rehabilitation centre. I thought it would be cool to make vlogs to show you guys how it's like to work and live in the Peruvian Amazon. So here is the second Jungle Vlog! I hope you'll like it because I had so much fun making it :D

Here is a one second a day video of what was my experience at Ikamaperu like. I hope it will help you escape home for 30 seconds and show you how wonderful it is to work with primates in Amazonia! 🙈🌿

Here is the first vlog about my adventure in Peru! The plan was to make vlogs regularly throughout my 6-month mission but unfortunately, due to the coronavirus I am back in France.. I will be able to make several videos about Peru but not as many as I wanted. I hope you'll like this firt vlog! 🙈😊

Here is my video about my adventure in Bolivia explaining what I did at ONCA Wildlife Rescue. I hope you will like it! ENGLISH SUBTITLES AVAILABLE

The crowdfunding campaign has been a success thanks to you! The campaign has been shared a lot (235 times) and numerous people have donated. Thanks to all of you, we have collected 2013€ out of 2650€, being 76% of the fixed objective!

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